Dom Wars Box Set Round 3 & 4: Round 3 & 4 - Lucian Bane
Dom Wars 3 is centered around Tara beating her past demons. She has three demons to expel. She fails badly at the challenges however Lucian saves the day. The challenges are very personal and unexpected. I'm not sure how being put in a personal and uncomfortable position makes you a good Dom. Tara does discover the truth about her parents and it could have broken her. Lucian help her tear down her walls and face her disappointments. Lucian is still a blubbering mess at time. Yes, he loves her. Got it. Not sure how he fell in love so quickly and became a wuss. I'm ready for them to quit. Next up it's Lucian's turn to meet his past demons.

Dom Wars 4 it's Lucian's turn at beating his past demons and angering Tara. What does angering your partner have to do with being a top Dom? Again why such personal challenges? Lucian fails his first demon challenge but does a pretty goo job humiliating Tara. I thought kinks were to be agreed upon by both partners before performed. Isn't this breaking some Dom/sub code? Lucian's final two domination challenges take place at his parents home and all hell breaks loose during his Mother's birthday party. Tara steps up to the plate to assist Lucian with his domination of his Father. You go girl! Lucian and Tara had violated a no contact rule prior to the final domination. At the end they find out that their rule breaking was discovered and they had to bear the consequences.

This is where I shut the door on Lucian and Tara's story. Although the premise was intriguing and the story it self did not pan out. I'm not sure what is the point of Dom Wars. At times it like an emotional survivor.

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