Lone Wolf - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt
Hunter Easton is a reclusive author who spends time on a fanfic website ironically under the alias of Wolf Hunter. Hunter had made a close friend on the website, Lone Wolf. They had been chatting and Lone Wolf had shared his written works including The World Tree. Hunter had been in a funk and was not able to produced an over due eighth book for his Wolf's Landing Series. After reading The World Tree it all came together and Hunter would change Kevin's (aka Lone Wolf) life for ever.

I found the first 25% of the book difficult to get through. It provided insightful background information on fanfic and a little of Hunter's past. It was long though. The story picks up once Kevin is offered a deal to publish The World Tree as part of the Wolf's Landing Series. Things begin to heat up for Kevin with his new found career and his relationship with Hunter. After spending eight days together working on the novel they grew closer. They learned how to work and live together, although they both didn't know it yet. As part of their contract they both had to attend book signing and conventions. Kevin had been introduced at a fan convention and he became overwhelmed. It was a lot to take in. Hunter suggested that Kevin take a break. Kevin was unsure of Hunter's motives. Was he sending him away because he didn't need him anymore? Or did Hunter need space? Hunter had always enjoyed his solitude and Kevin wasn't sure if could continue to walk on egg shells when he was at his home.
The Good: The relationship dynamic was complicated and I enjoyed how it worked it self out. The characters had a twenty year age difference and it was evident in the way they communicated.
The Not So Good: At the beginning there is a lot of time spent on explaining the fanfic community. I had lost interest.
I'm happy that I pushed forwarded because I loved the remainder of the story. There is a message to be learned no matter want your sexual preference and that is communication is key. This book is a
good reminder of how important it is to commicate with your partner otherwise your assumptions could be the doom of your relationship.
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