Lilith - Kelli Maine
Kelli Maine has combined two of my favorite genres into one awesome Dark MC series. At the beginning of the book we are introduced to Lilith and Lucifer (Luc). Luc is part of a Motorcycle Club and is in charge of of training women to sell as sex slaves. It's his specialty.

"Not many of us can accept the darkness inside; that's why they leave this shit to me.

I am fuckin darkeness.

A fuckin' shadown man."

Lilith is taken

"Say goodbye to life as you know it, bitch. You're mine now."

It turns out she is pure evil. Luc knows from the start that Lilith is not right for his club's plans. He decides to get rid of her however she gets under his skin and he leaves her alive. Luc has a hard time forgetting about Lilith.

"I see you.

I know you.

I am you.

If it's true, then it's a fuckin tragedy. Nobody should be like me."

The club still has a deadline too meet and needs a replacement. The club finds a replacement and begins her training. Luc is her trainer and only has a week to get her ready before she's sold. Luc starts to develop feeling for her and finds away to push them down.

At the end Lilith reappears with a message. Now we wait to find out what that messages really means. This is great start to the series. I couldn't put it down. I needed to know where the plot was heading. I need more crazy, evil Lilith! This story is dark and dangerous, and the MC proves to the worst of it's kind.
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