Release - Roxy Sloane
"My beautiful filthy girl."
We previously discovered Ashton was Justine's (JJ) seducer. He was sending her invitations for filthy encounters. After JJ was no longer anger with Ash because she thought he was using her, they ran off to the Hamptons for a hot weekend. We discover that Ash was hiding a big secret. A secret that was keeping him away from JJ until now. The secret was revealed (no surprise) and JJ decides it's a big enough secret to dump Ashton. Ash continues to pursue JJ until he can explain himself and they get back together until the secret comes back to haunt them. Was I cryptic enough? The story was Hot but the plot was not intriguing. It's was predictable. I did enjoy alpha Ash and his commentary. A happily ever after is always a good ending. Check out my blog for more hot reads Visit me on Facebook Reading Keeps Me Sane Book Blog

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