Hansel 2: An Erotic Fairy Tale - Ella James
Hansel Part Two picks up right where we left off. After Hansel (AKA Edger, AKA Lucas)discovers his sub applicant was none other than Leah decides to get drunk and find himself some pain. Leah also trying to drown herself in alcohol discovers that Edger is looking for some pain. Leah rushes to Edger's side and does her best to care for Edgar in his drunken and damaged state. While dreaming Edger starts revealing his past. His past is complicated, which is a big understatement. Edger decides to bring Leah back as his sub without revealing he knows it's her and it's intense. We learn that Edger is well endowed, he had a very difficult past and he's definitely a dominate masochist. The story is fast paced. It's a good mix of the past and the present. I can't wait to find out what will happen in the next installment. What happened in Mother's house?

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