The Invitation - Sloane,  Roxy
Quick and simple. Ashton and Justine (aka JJ) have been friends for two years. They promised to be friends and no more. Now, it's two years later and they are celebrating their graduation from graduate school. They both admit to themselves they want each other. They are initially at a bar hanging out with friends and decided to leave and continue their own private party. First they have to fulfill some dares. They get hot heavy during the dares and end up at Ashton's place for a banging good time. Did I mention Ashton is English and is leaving the next day to go back to England to his rich, royal family. Well of course he's rich. We end the story three years later with Justine in NY for work and a surprise gift waiting for her at a borrowed apartment. This was a scorcher. Hot and heavy. I enjoyed that it's short and right to the point.

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