Sins & Mistrust - Isabel Lucero
"Live for you, love for you, and you'll have all the happiness in the world."

-Isabel Lucero, Sins & Mistrust

This story is about Marc, Lincoln and Nathalia. We met them briefly in 'Unforgivable Sin'. Marc meets Nathalia when she hires him to be her escort for an evening. Their relationship grows as Marc spends more time with Nathalia. At the same time he's introduced to Lincoln Cash. Nathalia asks Marc to plan a date and share his fantasies with her. She as well wants to share her fantasies with him. On their date Natalia discovers she likes it rough. She a little bit of a masochist while Marc is a touch sadistic. When it's Nathalia turn she tells Marc she would like Lincoln to join in however she takes it one step further and shares that Lincoln is bi-sexual. Marc admits that he's bi-sexual also. Although they seem the perfect match Marc still has a difficult time trusting that they can all be together without feeling jealous. Plus Marc hasn't shared with his friends that he's bi. He uses the excuse he hasn't told his friends because of his job.

Trust photo: trust trust.jpg

Marc and Lincoln also have a difficult time admitting their feeling towards each other.

"It sounds like you two have chemistry that you don't know what to do with. Maybe your need for the other is so strong that it frightens you both, so instead of talking about it or accepting it, you find ways to fight it, but eventually you succumb to the lust of it all."

There is emotional turmoil, acceptance, hot bedroom scenes and of course a happy ending (figuratively and literally). I really enjoyed this last book. The characters learn to love and accept their relationship while understanding each other.

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