Primal (Overwatch Book 1) - Sasha White
"East L.A. is where you are from, Adam. Not who you are. Just like Beverly Hills is where I'm from, not who I am. Don't you dare judge ether of us by that. It's only ridiculous, it's stupid, and you are not a stupid man."
-Sasha White, Primal

Our first impression of Adam is of an avenger. We meet Adam again several years later rescuing Dr. Olivia Lang. Adam and Olivia have an instant connection. Although Adam feels he's "trash from East L.A.", Olivia feels otherwise. Olivia is in her mid-forties and hadn't found love. However "Being with Adam tore her inhibitions away, turning her into a shameless animal, with his satisfaction and pleasure the only goal." She also feels like a cougar because of their age difference.

cougar woman photo: cougar Winking-Cougar-Print-C10054490.jpg

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However Adam had hiding a secret from Olivia and after an incident with one Olivia's patients he decides to reveal the truth to Olivia. Will Olivia accept Adam's secret? Adam and Olivia's relationship felt rushed. They met, felt mutual attraction, trusted each other and Adam shared his secret. It seemed too easy. I liked the premise but needed more character development.