Anguish (Jokers' Wrath Book 3) - Bella Jewel
We pick up with Mack selecting a nanny to care for his son Diesel full time, 24/7. Jaylah needs to escape from a drug dealer she owes money too and gets the job as a nanny to a Jokers' Wrath biker's son.
Mack is closed off. He isn't ready to be a father especially not to son from a woman he once loved and lost. Jaylah has no experience as a nanny but learns fast. Mack soon finds out Jaylah's issues with the drug dealer and helps pay her debt. However there was a complication, Jaylah's ex-boyfriend, the reason she owed the money returns. Jaylah helps Mack slowly develop a relationship with his son. During is same time Jaylah is threatened by Mack's younger brother. He wants revenge against Mack. There's kidnapping, murder and finally closure.
I can't put Bella Jewels books down. This is another great MC book. I love the characters and the story lines.

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