Empathy - Ker Dukey
Many of my favorite reads fall into the dark and dangerous genre. Empathy is not only dark and
dangerous but also twisted and deprived.

Melody is a college student with a bright future from a good family. She hasn't made any friends until she comes across an intriguing, egotistical and broody Ryan.

"I wear black because I happen to look good in black. I don't look at people often because when I do, chicks think I want to f... them and guys think i want to fight them. I don't talk to people because its rare I find anyone worth engaging in conversation."

Melody soon meets Blake after running into him, literally. He comes off as a jerk however they have an attraction to each other.

We learn about Blake and Ryan's tragic past that has negatively molded them both. That's what we led to believe, sneaky and well written. Kur Dukey does a good job keeping the truth well hidden.

Melody is summoned home for a family meeting. She decides to drive and arrives late at night to find her family home ajar and revealing a tragedy. As soon as she's is able to leave Melody heads back to college so she does not have to deal with her brother.

When at college Melody begins to adjust. Blake has become obsessed with Melody and begun
stalking her before he was assigned to her case.

"When your story is written on a piece of paper and that paper gets crumpled up and thrown into a shredder you can piece the tatters back together although the damage remains. So does your story,you just have to continue to write even if the paper isn't perfect."

Melody does breakdown one rainy evening and Ryan is there eerily watching however Blake comes to the rescue and helps her feel again. Blake also begins to feel again because of Melody.

The ending brings an unexpected twist. We discover the truth and its a doozy. If you enjoy dark and twisted stories put this on your list.
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"You snared me in your captivating hold, you re-wakened me and you've slowly been absorbing my soul every night since."
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