Break the Sky - Nina Lane

Breaking the Sky is a spin off of Spiral of Bliss series.
Archer West is a loner, bad boy with a troubled past. Kelsey is a Meteorology professor who used to chase storms however now she works from her office.

Archer decides to visit his brother, Dean West. On his way he stops at a bar and meets Kelsey. There's instant attraction but Kelsey backs down. They meet again in Dean West's office and so begins their relationship. It was only meant to be a fling, just a couple of days while Archer was in town. Archer volunteered to help finish up the Butterfly house with his brother and the stay extended.

Kelsey has a tough exterior she developed as a child. She so learns to surrender to Archer. To let someone else take care of her.

"you're attracted to anything or anyone stronger and more powerful than you. Things that challenge you. Things you can't control. That's exactly why you love storms." Archer

When things get to Hot for Kelsy she brings Archer to meet her Mother. She expects her mother to disapprove of Archer to validate her reasons for wanting to end her relationship.

"But I know you better than that. What i want for you is a man who challenges you, who loves you fiercely, who accepts everything about you, even your worst flaws. You are not a easy woman, Kseniya, and you should not have an easy man. I want you to have a man whom you want. A man who makes you laugh and makes you angry. A man who chases you because he is not afraid of the storm inside you. Because he loves that part of you." Kelsey's Mom.

It's a wild ride after they leave finish their visit with Kelsey's mom. The ride out a twister. They fall in love. Although there were sad moments, the ending leaves you with a smile. You may also start craving chocolate milk.

"I would never be able to protect myself from the storm. Because the storm was everything-love, desire, happiness, sorrow, pain. Life." Kelsey (aka Storm girl)

Over all this book is enjoyable. There were times I felt that the book was a little slow however I appreciated catching up with Dean and Liv.

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