Enslaved by the Ocean - Bella Jewel
Ahoy pirates. A modern day pirate adventure that includes danger, abduction and hot steamy sex. Indigo and Eric set sail to Europe to escape from Indi's ex who has been recently been released from jail. All goes bad on the ocean when the yacht goes on fire. Indigo and Eric are eventually picked up by pirates after several days at sea. Hendrix, the pirate captain, plans on giving Indigo to another pirate (Chopper) to repay his debt. However with some assistance Eric and Indigo escape. A run in with her ex (Kane) sending her back to Captain Hendrix. Alas me heartie I will end this with there is a twist ( I'm sure you probably saw it coming) and another abduction that will lead us to another pirate adventure with Jess and Dimitri. I can't wait!!!!

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