Awakened - Stacey Kennedy
I cried. This is the best of the series so far.
Mary lost her husband, Charles four years ago. She gave up being a submissive and men after his death. Mary meets Elliot. A Dom who is divorced and has been looking for his soul mate who is also a submissive. He meets Mary at their mutual friend Dmitri's home. Theirs instant attraction.

However Mary Has "forgotten the promise she made to him (Charles)... To honor him by being happy and live life to the fullest without him."

After a hot night together Elliot discovers that Mary has been thinking of her deceased husband when they are together. Elliot leaves Mary to soon discover Mary needs some more assistance to herself again.
Mary received advice while attending a widowed meeting that reminders to live. "It seems like you two had something very special. We can all relate to that It's why it's hard to move on. Bit we need to find a way to stop mourning, cherish the memories, and learn to live in the moment again."
Mary makes her decision to start to live again.
5++++ stars. This story is emotional and the characters are well written.
I would like NetGalley for a early copy.