Nomad: Lucifer's Legion Motorcycle Club #2 - Kelli Maine
Nomad is the second installment of Lucifer's Legion MC. In this installment Lucifer wakes up to Lilith and the club house on jfire.

Fire photo: fire AnimatedFlames-1.gif

After he escapes the fire he finds out that the girl that he has been training was strung up in a tree. He blames it all on Lilith and was glad he left her behind in the fire. Lucifer begins to feel a little remorse about selling his girl as a sex slave however he doesn't stop it from happening. Lilith returns and Lucifer discovers her secret. At the end Lilith life is threatened and Lucifer decides to save her. She shouldn't be punished because of her condition. This is a crazy,quick read. Lucifer shows some feelings and seems to have developed a little bit of a saviors complex. I'm excited for the next installment. I need to know how Lilith became Ambers guardian.
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