Determined to Obey - Nora Roberts

I 100% recommend that you read the Dark Duet series before reading this novella. Kid is only nineteen years old, he had lost his parents to a tragic accident, joined a motorcycle club with his uncle who ended up decapitated and has become both Felipe and Celia's slave.

<i>"He's a slave, a possession, a stripped-bare human being; he is his body, his desires, and his need-and nothing more."</i>

As time passes Kid becomes closer to Celia and Felipe however he is always worried about what they could do next to him. Felipe, like Celia, want Kid to give himself to them.

<i>"Felipe save your life. He feel he own it. But your spirit, you have to give him. He wants you to give to him He'll seduce your body until it craves him. He'll worship you until you feel the intense desire to be worthy of such devotion. You can only think of his happiness and the way it shines on you, makes you feel weak and invincible all at once."</i>

Kid should want to hate his captures but he hates displeasing them. They have become like family.

CJ Roberts explains why she didn't include this novella in the second volume she <i>"couldn't justify another hundred pages to an already enormous second volume"</i>. I would have enjoyed this story as a stand alone full length novel.
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