Exposed (Exposed Series Book 1) - Jessica Love

Exposed is written as a autobiography of a woman who must find her place.  It's not a love story but a story of discovery and acceptance. 

"I'm writing this because I've been asked so often why I'm not married, why I do what I do, how I started and what does it "mean" even though that last question is pretty meaningless." 
Jessica Love, our protagonist and narrator, begins her story with early life events. In high school she learns an unfortunate lesson and her grandmother is there to provide solace. We are introduced to the reoccurring phrase that shaped who Jessica would become.

"Everything passes, everything weary, everything breaks.." 

Jessica shares two experiences that give us a glimpse of what makes her tick. What some may say are her perversions. 

Jessica graduates college as a lawyer and marries Mark who is also a lawyer.  They seem to marry because it was expected of them and not because they truly love each other.  Their lives became routine. Mark suggests a club that caters to different sexual proclivities.  They attend and enjoy the exhibitionism.  Soon they take it a step further that initiates the destruction of their marriage. Jessica's eventually moves on with her life to only find her freedom being taken from her. Although, Jessica gives us hints of possible future events I continue to be surprised when they occur.  I feel for Jessica and her plight to find her place.  When in France she meets her great uncle and aunt who furnish her with the ending of the phrase that has shaped her life.

"Everything passes, everything weary, everything breaks everything must find its place."
Jessica returns home and moves forward to take back her life. In the end Jessica Love explains that some may judge her but she has simply made different decision.  

Jessica is a strong character that has to learn to accept herself. She has different tastes and finds herself taking on the world from an early age. From the beginning she attends high school and college parties allowing herself sexual gratification that many find taboo, labeling her as a slut. She deviates temporarily when she marries however that does not last long. Her proclivities are used against her and inadvertently take away her freedom.  In the end she finds herself with her grandmother's help.  Her grandmother early on makes a statement that sums up Jessica's challenges, "These Americans, obsessed by what they fear, fearing their own obsessions,". I enjoyed that this is not a love story, it's an exploration and acceptance of a different lifestyle.