Nobody's Lost (Rescue Me Saga #5) - Kallypso Masters, Jacy Mackin, Ekatarina Sayanova, Meredith Bowery

Nobody's Lost is the fifth installment of the Rescue Me Sage. This is, unexpectedly, Ryder and Megan's story. Ryder served along side Adam Montague in Fallujah. During a mission they had come under attack and lost a soldier. Just like the rest of his team, Ryder felt responsible. When he returned to the States he found a place to hide out from the world. He continued to suffer from nightmares and was overwhelmed by big cities. All that changed one night when Adam called Ryder and asked him to check on his sister, Megan.

When Ryder arrived at Megan's home he found out that she had been robbed while she was out. Her computer was stolen. The house had excellent security and someone figured out how to break it. It became Ryder's mission to protect Megan. Soon it became Megan's mission to save Ryder.

During their time together they begin a relationship of trust and friendship. They are both mutually attracted to each other. It's Megan who takes the first step and implies she wants more. Ryder has a difficult time excepting that he's good enough for Megan because he suffers from PTSD. However he's not the only suffering.

"You aren't the only one here who's damaged goods, Ryder. Know what? I can't have babies. I chose the coward's way out rather than suffer, so certain I would never meet someone I wanted to make babies with."

Megan leaves Ryder. "But if you need to hide out here alone, so be it." After she leaves Ryder decides he can no longer live his life hiding and chooses to come to terms with his issues.

"My life had come subsistent living, I kept people at arm's length or farther and shunned joy..and love. I met someone I think ould help become whole again. My prayer is that she will accept my imperfections."

In the end we discover what happened to Megan's computer and why it was taken. Ryder find his way home and Megan finally loses what she has been waiting for so long to give.

I really enjoyed this story. I found myself crying and wanting to hug Ryder. Ryder had gone off the grid and he thought he was lost. What he didn't know was that his friends were never far, although in a scary, intrusive way. Megan also was dealing with her inadequacies but had the courage to go after what she wanted. At the we find two strong individuals who are stronger together. Although we expect plenty of BDSM in Kallypso Master's books I appreciated how it played a very small part in this story. Nobody's Lost was centered around healing and new beginning.
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"The two spouts represent our separate lives and the handle our joining together as one." -Nobody's Lost by Kallypso Masters.