Angel: Lucifer's Legion Motorcycle Club #3 - Kelli Maine

On the run, Luc gets word from LLMC that the cartel has agreed to return Angel to them instead of killing her, but they need a replacement.

If Luc hands over Lilith, trained and ready to be delivered to the cartel, the club will forgive him his betrayal and welcome him back into the fold.

Luc must decide where his loyalty lies—with the club that saved his life and Angel who almost broke his resolve to never keep anyone for himself, or with Lilith, the crazy bitch who got inside his head and knows him better than anyone ever has.




Angel is the continuation of the Lucifer's Legion MC series. Luc brings Amber, and her alter-personality Lilith, to an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere. Luc has plans for Amber/Lilith to become a trainer.  Luc begins breaking Lilith however his plans change when he receives a phone call from Butch. Butch informs Luc that the cartel will be returning Angel in exchange for Lilith.   

In this third installment further information of what had happened to Amber and how Lilith was created is revealed. It's dark and unforgiving. Luc struggles slightly with his decision to give up Lilith. He has an opportunity, with Lilith's help, to go into business for himself. If he did, he would leave his club, be on the run and wouldn't have Angel.  In the end we find out his decision. There is also a shocking turn of events.  I was stunned! To say this series is dark is an understatement.  It's Dark, Dangerous and unforgiving!

"Know how long I waited for the devil to up? she says giggling. "and now here you are." Angel by Kelli Maine