King - Julia Sykes

My father gave me to him as a bargaining chip, as though I was nothing more than flesh to be traded. I hate him for that, and I hate the man who took me: Javier Santiago, a member of the violent Latin Kings.

Even though I don’t want to belong to him, he is fiercely possessive of me. And when his ownership is threatened, his enemies aren’t the only ones to suffer. He says my freedom is the price for my safety. I think he just wants to keep me all for himself.








Javier Santiago is a FBI agent undercover as a member of the Latin Kings.  Charlotte Carter is a college student who is attempting to live a normal life.  She wants to escape her horrible past as the daughter of a criminal.  Unfortunately for Charlotte her past catches up to her and her father drags her back into his criminal underworld.  Charlotte's father gives her to the Latin Kings as a bargaining chip to keep her brother, Derek, inline.  

"If he doesn't want his sister to suffer, he'll do whatever you want," Jonas spoke before Derek could respond. "That's why she's part of the deal. You get her and a new territory. I'll give you my family in exchange for being welcomed into yours."

The deal is accepted and it's Javier who takes ownership of Charlotte.  Charlotte is not aware that Javier is a FBI agent.  She struggles with being captive in Javier's apartment. Javier does offer Charlotte an opportunity to freedom that would also guarantee her safety. Charlotte accepts Javier's offer.  

Charlotte struggles with her new situation.  All she wanted was to be normal. She maintained a certain weight, she kept up her appearance and was obsessed with joining a sorority. Charlotte develops feelings for Javier and begins re-evaluating her perspective on life. 

"I'm not supposed to be with someone like him.  I'm supposed to join the best sorority at Hudson and end up with some clean-cut frat boy with a Business major." As I said it out loud, I realized how shallow and ugly that reasoning was."
Charlotte had been promised that in a few months she no longer have to stay with Javier.  As time went on Charlotte fell in love with Javier and did not want to end their relationship.  She became dependent on Javier. It all crumbles when a fellow FBI agents, Vaughn, comes to visit Javier and Charlotte. He brings news about Charlotte's father and a raid.  The agent also wants to bring Charlotte back to her brother.  Charlotte doesn't want to leave and declares her love for Javier. After the agent leaves Javier is left to admit to the truth. 

"I've corrupted you with my perversions. I stole you away from your life and molded you into what I wanted."

Javier begins backing out of the relationship and Charlotte doesn't want to let him go. In order to get Javier out of his assignment Charlotte contacts Vaughn and with the help of Clara Peterson, a police officer and Dominatrix, a plan is Formed. Unfortunately the plan goes bad.  Charlotte and Clara are in danger and it's up-to Javier to come to the rescue.

Although this can be read as a stand alone, I don't recommend it.  There would be to many wholes in the story.  The story spends a lot of time with Charlotte in Javier's apartment. At first I was annoyed with Charlotte's being self-centered. As the story develops you begin to understand why she was working so hard to be accepted.  She needed a sense family because she came from a abusive home.  Javier also needed a family, after losing his in a messy divorce. Javier gave Charlotte a family. This is not my favorite in the series. I had difficulty accepting Charlotte. She seemed to willing to bend to whomever to find a family, a home.