Czar (An Impossible Novella) (Impossible #8) - Julia Sykes

The Eighth book in the USA Today Bestselling Impossible Series- Can be read as a standalone.

After a lifetime of being sheltered, I decided to study abroad in St. Petersburg to push myself out of my comfort zone. Dimitri definitely fits the bill. He’s gorgeous, mysterious, and everything I never knew I wanted.

I’m willing to give him my innocence, but he wants more. He wants all of me, even if that means pushing me to my breaking point. And he won’t stop until he owns my body and soul.



Czar begins as a romance with a strong alpha male and a college student who is studying abroad.  In June 2009, Christine, Alicia's friend finds a study abroad program online. They decide to study St. Petersburg, Russia. While in Russia, one evening they decided to go to a a club, and Alicia catches Dimitri's eye. Dimitri immediately begins seducing Alicia. Alicia is a virgin and does her best to deny Dimitri of sex. This doesn't stop Dimitri from pursue Alicia.
"Why did you want to see me again?"
"You're not like other women I've met."
"Because I'm American?"
"Because I want you more than I've ever wanted any woman, and you're the first to refuse me."
I'm a conquest. 

Dimitri is arrogant, bossy, intimidating and wealthy. He continues to seduce Alicia. On one date Dimitri gives Alicia a first edition of "Pride and Prejudice" written in Russian. Alicia is felt that Dimitri cared about her asked to go back to his place.  When they arrived at Dimitri's hotel room Dimitri's father is waiting for them.  It's not a pleasant encounter. After the encounter Alicia gives herself to Dimitri.  

Over the next week Alicia enjoys being with Dmitri and she has a new fear.

"What's wrong, myshka?"
"I'm- I'm leaving in a few days,"  I forced out tremulously. "I'm afraid I'll never see you again." I drew in a shaky breath, no longer able to contain my painfully intense feelings for him.. "I... I love you, Dimitri."
Alicia's decree began the beginning of the end of her life.  "You're mine now, Alicia. There's no going back."

At the beginning of chapter 7, the story takes a 360 from a love story to a dark and dangerous story. Alicia has been abducted and her abductor is the person she has fallen in love with, Dimitri. 

"You gave yourself to me."
"This is how it's going to be between us. You belong to me, and I ca do whatever I want with you." 
"You will like it. You were meant for this."
"For what?" 
"To be mine."

Alicia discovers that Dimitri is part of the Russian Mafia and will one day be the leader. He also sells women as slaves. Their relationship develops into a BDSM, Master/Slave relationship.  Dimitri takes care of Alicia, both physically and sexually.  Alicia's love for Dimitri soon dies as he punishes her when she doesn't obey his commands. After breaking Alicia slow he begins giving her some freedoms, although an illusion. Dimitri buys her horses and builds her a stable.  There is another twist in this story secures Dimitri's future at the leader of the Russian Mafia.

In the end, Dmitri takes over the Russian Mafia, Bratva, and secures Alicia by his side. 

This is a Five Star Dark, Dangerous and well constructed story!!  I love the Impossible Series. Julia Sykes knows how to twist your expectations.  Dimitri is a very dark character.  Julia does a great job hiding Dimitri's true intentions at the beginning of the story.  There was only glimpse of his true nature. Alica from the beginning shows herself as a true submissive/masochist, she enjoys pain with her pleasure. It was exactly what Dimitri was looking for. The stable scene secured who is really in charge, there will always be limitations on Alicia's freedoms. Alicia loves her Master because he's benevolent and caring.  In the end Dimitri sums it up best "A careful balance of brutality and fineness would make them obedient to my will. Alicia had taught me that.It was a lesson I would never forget."
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