Irrevocable - Skye Callahan

Sometimes when you can't go back, the only way out is to descend into the darkness.  
My Captor
When I woke in that place, I just wanted to survive. But survival came at a cost, for which they demanded my will and body.  

My Master
With pain came acceptance. Fully-dependent on the man who claimed me, I learned to appreciate what I had-life and relative safety.  

My Protector
I watched him spill blood and tend my injuries. With betrayal came a revelation. The only way out was to bring them all down or die trying. 

IRREVOCABLE is a dark romance intended for adult readers 18+ only. Not intended for those easily offended by dark subject matter


Rose is abducted and wakes up in a nightmare. Kirk comes to the rescue and stops Gabe and his crew from raping Rose. Kirk takes Grace as his slave and she becomes Silver.

"Her chest is a little small, but she's not bad to look at. If you want to keep her, she's yours to train. But, she better be worth it. And I'm not giving you forever to accomplish that."

Kirk, discreetly, begins to probe Silver for answers about how she was abducted. Silver begins to understand that her world has changed.

"Deep inside my gut, I knew it didn't bode well, and I still had no idea how to escape the dark fate that threatened to suffocate me within these walls."

Silver struggles accepting her new life and Kirk fears that Silver will break.

"Or maybe you'll find a part of you that you didn't know existed.."
"The part that enjoys this?" I asked dryly.
"The part that proves you're stronger and more flexible than you think you are."

Although, at one point Kirk had to punish Silver for her disobedience, he continues to protect her. It's a difficult job when there is a mole among the ranks. In the end we discover that there several moles and one is unexpected, if you hadn't pick up on the clues. I don't want to give anymore away.

"Irrevocable" is a dark, violent, twisted novel. Silver is placed in a hopeless situation. She's a fighter who has to learn to bend in order to survive. I struggled at times trying to understand why she fought so much and in-turn caused her own pain. Kirk appears is the anti-hero who takes Silver as his own to help her survive. Silver, in her own way, finally learns how to bend. Soon they both take the responsibility for their survival and I started to really enjoy the story. In the end we understand why Kirk did what he did and why he's remorseful for what had occurred. They are both broken and need to find what will help them get pull through the darkness. Although Silver frustrated and angered me at the beginning, I'm giving this story 4 stars It's a good sign when a story evokes emotion. "Bend Don't Break" is Kirk's (aka James) story after the raid. I'm excited to read his point of view and fill in the gaps.
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