His Witness (A Dark Romance) - Vanessa Waltz

He kidnapped me.

He was charming, powerful, intoxicating. Accepting his advances might be the last mistake I'd ever make. He was a dangerous man, and the fact that he made me feel alive couldn't hide that I danced with death.

I made my choice, and he made his.

Now I'm trapped in his basement, completely at his mercy. Day after day, he toys with me for his own amusement. Pleasure and pain, pain and pleasure. The two have are so linked now that I can barely tell them apart and I'm beginning to crave both.

Worse, I'm beginning to crave him


His Witness is a dark, dangerous and violent. This story is not for everyone. We are introduced to Tommy as he's doing his job, torturing snitch. Tommy is part the "Vittorio Crime Family" however he's not a 'Made' man. Tommy job is to torture and kill for the family. It has made him a monster.

"It's the violence that gives me relief from the anger poisoning my blood. It's as if there's a monster banging on my ribs, clawing to get out."

Melanie is a young woman who has been given the raw end of the stick. Melanie had big dreams to go to college but her father's choice's destroyed her future.

"For a moment I mourn the loss of the carefree, innocent girl I was only a year ago, before this mess. Now I'm a foul-mouthed borderline alcoholic."

Melanie's father restaurant business was in trouble and he partners with the mafia. The restaurant changes into a night club leaving Melanie in charge. The mob uses the club for free drinks and sell drugs. At the club Tommy often flirts with Melanie. She's not interested because he's part of the mafia and has heard rumor. One early morning Melanie discovers that the rumors are true. After the club closed, Melanie headed home with the money from the day. She was attacked and the money was taken. Tommy jumped into action caught and killed the attacker.

Melanie finds herself is precarious position. The FBI has threatened her to snitch or she would be going to jail for a host of crimes. She chooses to snitch and enters witness protection. Tommy is given the orders to abduct her, have her change her statement and after get rid of her. He doesn't want to until he's offered to be 'Made' once it's done.

After Melanie is abducted Tommy breaks her down without hurting her. They both begin developing feelings for each other. They also discover each others kinks.

In the end, get ready for a twist when the biggest snitch is discovered.

The very first chapter is DARK! It's almost uncomfortable to read, that's how good it is. The story is twisted in so many ways. Tommy is a monster. He was created to be a monster by the man who had taken him in as his son. The same man who wouldn't make Tommy a full member of the family because of his heritage. Melanie's father's decision destroys her future. It's not until they break away from their families do they find themselves and each other. Although at times the story felt a little long, it's well written. It draws you in chapter, after chapter. The final snitch was a shocker!
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