Saved (Lucifer's Legion Motorcycle Club Book 4) - Kelli Maine

Soul of my soul.

Left with Lilith's haunting words, Luc sees himself for the irredeemable man he truly is.

Lucifer's Legion Motorcycle Club's reputation is ruined, the clubhouse is burned to the ground, and Angel is the only remaining loose end for the club to tie up.

With nothing left to lose, Luc makes the only move he has left and sacrifices everything for the only woman who ever made him want to be a better man.

SAVED is the fourth and final part of the Lucifer's Legion Motorcycle Club serial.

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Saved begins with the shocking conclusion of Angel. Lilith takes her own life, leaving the MC without a slave to provide to the Cartel.  Luc deeply feels the lose.

"That had a story so f...kin similiar to mine it almost felt like there was a thread connecting us. The soul of my soul. Now she's gone, and I can feel the thread pullin' at me..."

Luc makes a quick decision and takes back his Angel. While on the run from the MC, Luc continually re-evaluates his decision. 

"Just like Lilith in the desert. I should have killed her then, but I couldn't. It was the start of the whole thing. The start of my f..kin, ruin. How many times sine then have I wished to turn the clock back so I could do it? So I that I could pull the trigger and fix everything?"
He's not able to end Angel's life, so he has someone else make the decision for him.  

This series is VERY, VERY DARK! There is no happy fairy tale ending. Lilith and Angel have ruined Luc or saved him retrospectively.  Luc struggles with conscience and unexpectedly becomes the anti-hero. At first, I admit, I was not happy with the ending. However as I thought about it, there was no other ending for this story.  Bravo Kelli Maine for finding a beacon of light in the darkness.
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