The Consequences of Sin - K.A. Robinson

 When the sun disappeared, the world was cast in shadows, hiding the evil that lay in wait. When it was dark, I hunted. The shadows caressed my body as I did things I could never do in the light of day.

Eighteen-year-old Bree Bowen has spent her entire life training and working as one of her father’s assassins. Fear has kept her and her best friend, Wes, under her father’s thumb—until now.

When Wes takes matters into his own hands, securing Bree a new identity and a plane ticket to America, he gives her the one chance she’s been desperately seeking.

Learning to live a new life isn’t easy. Add in her new roommate, Reid, who just happens to be a stripper, and things start to get a little crazy. Falling for a man has never been part of her plan, but she can’t seem to stay away from Reid.
When Bree’s past comes crashing back into her life, secrets that she’s fought to keep hidden are revealed, and she’s forced to choose between Reid and the life she could have with him, or Wes, the one man who has always loved her unconditionally.

Regardless of her choice, she must learn the consequences of sin.

This book will be a standalone.




Bree Bowen, born and raised in England as a Mafia assassin. Her father, Oliver, is the second command of one of England's largest Mafia families. Bree never left the mansion where she lived, unless she was going on an assignment. She was raised along side with her best friend, protector and trained assassin, Wesley. Bree wants out of the life, she want to live a normal life, however her father has other plans. Oliver will be giving Bree to the Irish Mafia to create an alliance.

"I hated myself for a lot of things. Maybe I deserved the life I was going to receive. It would be retribution for my sins."

Wesley, who sworn to take care of Bree, plans her escape. He sends her to NYC with a new identity as Bree Reynolds. From NYC, Bree randomly chooses to go to Dallas, Texas to begin her new life.

"Then, go now. Run while you can. I can still save you, but if he takes you, there's nothing I can do. This is your one chance at freedom. You can forget everything and start fresh. You can let your past go and have an actual life."

Before Bree leaves Oliver confesses his true feelings. He's love Bree and will always protect her.

When Bree arrives in Dallas she finds an advertisement for a roommate. She goes to checkout the apartment and meets Reid. He agrees to have her as his roommate with conditions. Reid and Bree are both attracted to each other and soon sparks fly.


Bree begins to feel free. It doesn't last for long before her father, Bradley and Wesley find her and attempt to take her back to England. Unfortunately, Reid walks into Bree's room at the wrong time and discovers Bree's true identity.

Bree, with Wesley's assistance is able to escape from her father. She returns to Reid because he's now in danger. Bree tells Reid the truth about her life in England, what she and Wesley did to survive and her regrets.

"There's always consequences of sin, Bree-always. You're dealing with yours now, and Wes will eventually have to deal wit his."

Oliver finds Bree and Wesley once again. This time he makes a grave mistake and get what he deserves.
In the end it's Bree doesn't have to choose between Wesley and Reid. The decision is made for her.

This story isn't dark, it's a story about being freed from the dark. Bree is only eighteen years old and had lived a long life. She has a chance at freedom and takes it. She begins to discover herself along the way, while learning to cope with her past. Unlike the other assassins she left behind, Bree was not a cold-hearted killer. Reid is a great character. Although he's a stripper, he has real ambitions. He also learn from his experience and will no longer take the small things for granted. I enjoyed this story! I hope Wesley gets his own story. He's was surprisingly the dark anti-hero in the end. I almost expected a menage with the three of them. (Yes, I need to get my mind out of the gutter.) K.A. Robinson does not disappoint.